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Drager Fabius OS Anesthesia Workstation (Refurbished)

Drager Fabius OS Anesthesia Workstation
Drager Fabius OS Anesthesia Workstation

Product Code: FABIUS-OS


Drager Fabius OS Anesthesia Workstation

Purchase Includes:

  • Drager Fabius OS Anesthesia Machine
  • Power Cord
  • 2 New Batteries
  • New Adult Patient Circuit
  • New O2 Sensor
  • New Flow Sensor
  • Anesthesia Gas Hoses: 1 O2, 1 N20, and 1 Air. Please specify connection type needed.
  • Certified BioMed Equipment Diagnostic Report
  • 1 Year Warranty

To protect the patient and maximize productivity in the OR, the Fabius OS is designed with redundancies in safety.

A backup battery supports automatic ventilation for up to 120 minutes during a power outage. During extreme circumstances when power may be out for longer periods, such as during a natural disaster, clinicians can deliver manual ventilation using all fresh gases (O2, N2O, air) and anesthetic agents. In emergency situations when patients require immediate care, ventilation can be delivered manually before the Fabius OS is even switched on.

The system’s alarm management helps you quickly identify and resolve issues with limited display and device interaction. In addition, fast and easy automatic self tests can be completed in minutes.

Key ergonomic features of the Fabius OS include:
  • Table-top design: provides ample room for papers, syringes, and other material; a pullout writing tray provides evenmore space
  • Three large drawers: let you store supplies needed before, during, and after cases
  • Convenient front-facing handles: let you easily position the system
  • Intra-op exchange of disposable sodalime canisters: improves efficiency
  • Front-panel access to all modes of ventilation and parameters: eliminates navigation menus
  • Display rotary knob: facilitates fast, accurate adjustments to parameters and alarm settings

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