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Edan Instruments, Inc.
Edan ECG

Edan Instruments, Inc. is one of the leading medical equipment manufacturers in China. Located in Shenzhen, a major electronic center where talent and productivity converge, Edan is home to more than 800 employees working in R&D, manufacturing marketing and etc.. We manufacture, develop, and market Fetal Monitors, Fetal Dopplers, Ultrasound Scanners, Transcranial Dopplers (TCD), Patient Monitors, and Electrocardiographs (ECG). Edan implements both ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 quality standards throughout the designing, manufacturing, and servicing stages.

Since Edan was established in 1995, our market share has been growing and our sales figures have been increasing quickly. Today, Edan's CBS series TCD, M9 Patient Monitors, Fetal Monitors and Fetal Dopplers are the first choice for the majority of Chinese hospitals.

Edan opened its doors to the overseas market in 2002, and the export annual sales increased greatly since. Edan has 23 offices in China, and a solid distribution network in more than 120 countries all over the world, which handle sales, marketing, and after- sales services in the respective regions. Today Edan benefits from a strong sales network both in the domestic market and overseas, and is recognized for the excellent products and services it provides its customers worldwide.

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