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Physio Control / Medtronic LMnO2 Non-Rechargeable Battery for LIFEPAK 1000

Medtronic LifePak 1000 AED Replacement Battery
Physio Control (Medtronic) LIFEPAK 1000 Battery
Our Price: $377.00

Product Code: 11141-000100


Physio Control LIFEPAK 1000 AED Replacement Battery

Part Number: 11141-000100
Alternate Part Numbers: 3206245-000, 11141-000101, 21300-006054

Non-Rechargeable LiMnO2 Battery Replacement Kit

Physio Control LIFEPAK 1000 LiMnO2 non-rechargeable battery replacement kit includes discharger and instructions on safe disposal of Battery Pak-11141-000100.

Battery Options: A non-rechargeable lithium manganese dioxide (Li/MnO2) battery provides power to the defibrillator. The battery has indicators that approximate the remaining state of charge. To save battery life if the defibrillator is accidentally turned on or left on, the defibrillator automatically turns off if it is not connected to a patient and no buttons are pressed for 5 minutes.

LIFEPAK 1000 non-rechargeable battery Pak 11141-000100


The LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillator is powered by the LIFEPAK 1000 non-rechargeable lithium manganese dioxide battery pak. Follow the guidelines described in this section to help maximize battery life and performance. Use only Physio-Control battery paks designed for use with the LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillator. Do not use any other batteries.

When the LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillator displays the REPLACE BATTERY message, replace the battery immediately.

Note: When a battery pak is removed from the defibrillator, battery and service symbols appear on the readiness display. After replacing the battery pak, the device resets the readiness display. The non-rechargeable battery pak never requires recharging. The approximate level of charge in the battery appears on the readiness display when the defibrillator is off or on the screen when the defibrillator is in use. When optimally maintained, a new nonrechargeable battery pak can provide approximately 17 hours of on time or 440 discharges at 200 joules. Just turning the defibrillator on (on time) uses up battery capacity. Each year, battery capacity decreases while the battery is in the defibrillator because of the batterys normal self-discharge rate and the energy used by the defibrillator auto tests. If installed in the defibrillator and the defibrillator is not used, the battery pak has a standby life of five years. A new nonrechargeable battery pak has a shelf life of five years if stored at the proper temperature. The battery pak (stored outside the defibrillator) self-discharges over time; therefore, when the battery is eventually placed in the defibrillator, its useful life will be reduced depending on how long it sat on the shelf.

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