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Omron's Company Goal

Cancer, heart disease and cerebral stroke are the most common causes of death in industrialized countries. Many of these deaths are largely attributable to poor lifestyle choices such as overeating, tobacco use, excess alcohol consumption, and lack of physical activity. Omron Healthcare’s mission is to promote the prevention of lifestyle diseases and to help create a society in which people enjoy healthy and comfortable lives.

Omron Healthcare strives to develop products that provide accurate health information to consumers and physicians and that support positive lifestyle changes and health improvement. By enabling people to accurately monitor certain aspects of their day-to-day health at home, Omron Healthcare is making it easier for people to work with their medical professionals to prevent and measure the progression of lifestyle diseases.

In keeping with this corporate philosophy, Omron Healthcare also contributes to the sustainable development of society by strongly considering the economic, environmental, and social impact of its every action.

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