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Welch Allyn CompacSet Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Diagnostic Set Welch Allyn CompacSet 2.5 V Folding Halogen Diagnostic Set with Rechargeable Battery (DISCONTINUED)

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Welch Allyn Otoscopes and Ophthalmoscopes

In this section of Integris Equipment, you will find a selection of Welch Allyn Otoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes and accessories.

An Otoscope or auriscope is a medical device which is used to look into the ears. Health care providers use otoscopes to screen for illness during regular check-ups and also to investigate when a symptom involves the ears. With an otoscope, it is possible to see the outer ear and middle ear.

Ophthalmoscopy (funduscopy or fundoscopy) is a test that allows a health professional to see inside the fundus of the eye and other structures using an ophthalmoscope (or funduscope). It is done as part of an eye examination and may be done as part of a routine physical examination. It is crucial in determining the health of the retina and the vitreous humor.

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