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Philips IntelliVue MX40 Wearable Patient Monitor (Refurbished)

Philips IntelliVue MX40 Wearable Patient Monitor (Refurbished)
Philips IntelliVue MX40 Wearable Patient Monitor (Refurbished)

Product Code: INTVUE-MX40


The IntelliVue MX40 wearable patient monitor features an easy-to-use color touchscreen display. Check a patientРІР‚s clinical status with a push of the button. View two channels of real-time waveforms. Choose among any 4 screen formats. Or go deeper into the MX40 to check out alarm settings, histories, and vital trends. Even silence alarms at your patientРІР‚s side.

  • Easy for clinicians to use and comfortable for patients to wear.
  • 2.8” color, touch sensitive display.
  • Smart, multi‐measurement cable system available for use with reusable and single‐patient use supplies.
  • FAST SpO2 (continuous, or manual measurement).
  • EASI or standard ECG selectable in one device.
  • 6‐lead with two V‐leads for diagnosing multiple cardiac abnormalities, including wide‐QRS complex tachycardias and acute myocardial ischemia/infarction.
  • Local measurement trend/alarm history.
  • Local alarming for measurements (requires IntelliVue Information Center Release N or later).
  • Integrated Smart‐hopping radio.
  • Integrated Short‐Range Radio (SRR).
  • Communication with IntelliVue Patient Monitors and Cableless Measurements via Short‐Range Radio connection (MP5/MP5T/MP5SC, MP2 and X2 monitors only).
  • Powered by three AA batteries or rechargeable lithium‐ion battery pack.
  • Audio feedback for out‐of‐range and lost device.
  • Battery gauge on device and at Information Center.
  • Alarm suspend and resume from standby at device and Information Center.
  • Pouch with clear front that closes securely.

  • Note РІР‚ Unlike a traditional bedside monitor which operates on AC power, the MX40 is powered by battery and provides time‐limited screen display and local alarming.