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Alaris Pumps for sale, new and refurbished - Best Prices Online

We have a great selection of new and refurbished Alaris pumps and accessories for sale including Alaris IV Pumps, Alaris Infusion Pumps, Carefusion Alaris PC pumps and many more.

We also stock a huge range of alternative infusion pumps, you can view the full range of products here

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Filter Alaris Pumps for sale, new and refurbished - Best Prices Online

Alaris Pumps for sale, new and refurbished - Best Prices Online

About Alaris     

Carefusion Alaris is one of the most reputed global medical technology companies that is advancing the world of healthcare by improving discovery in medical diagnostics and delivery of treatment and care. Carefusion Alaris leads in the safety and optimum treatment technologies for patients and healthcare professionals. It is committed to providing the safest and most advanced devices for treatment and diagnosis and promotes innovation in the field of clinical laboratories and medical research.

Carefusion Alaris is one of the leading manufacturers of pumps and accessories that support the efforts of physicians in providing quick treatment to patients in emergency events.

Carefusion Alaris also provides innovative solutions aimed at helping advancements in medical research as well as genomics. Alaris designs and manufactures medical devices such as Alaris pumps commonly used in ICUs for the management of critical emergency events. These devices are designed to improve medication management, support faster diagnosis, promote complication prevention, and equip interventional procedures to improve the chances of complete recovery of the patient. Alaris IV Pumps can help physicians provide better treatment to patients and enable them to save the life of patients suffering from life-threatening conditions.

Carefusion Alaris envisions a world wherein its solutions advance healthcare while improving patient safety and treatment outcomes. In order to deliver this, the team of researchers and medical experts at Alaris leverage their skills, expertise and experience for designing and producing medical devices and products that play a key role in the management of serious medical events.

Our Range of Alaris Pumps for Sale

We have a great selection of new and refurbished Alaris pumps and accessories for sale including Alaris IV Pumps, Alaris Infusion Pumps, Carefusion Alaris PC pumps and many more.

Alaris Medsystem

The MedSystem III Alaris infusion pumps are the lightest weight and smallest multi-channel infusion pumps available on the market. These pumps weigh just 5.1 lbs including the pole clamp, and are compact in size making them the most suitable pumps to have in your clinic, particularly where space is a constraint.

The MedSystem III pumps are ideally suited for providing support during air or ambulatory/EMT transport. This Alaris IV pump is pole-mounted with 3 channels, each of which has been programmed independently. The unit also includes an efficient Drug Dose Calculator and easily adjustable pressure limits, all in a small and lightweight unit.

Alaris Medsystem III 2865 have been designed with a feature that allows the user to program the device to deliver infusion fluids or drugs at the specified rate and over a specified period of time. This Medsystem III 2865 is a multi-channel infusion device that features 3 independent delivery systems for fluid. These three systems are combined to occupy the space of just 1 system.

The main battery of these pumps runs on 6 watts AC power and is fully rechargeable. The battery has NiCad battery pack memory and is equipped with a lithium battery back-up that is non-rechargeable.

The compact size of Medsystem III pumps allows for better flexibility while transporting patients across different facilities. It also allows for a more effective and well-organized bedside space. It is designed to provide accurate and reliable delivery of a variety of fluids thanks to its advanced features and innovative design.

Alaris IV pumps are easy to set up and use. The 2865 provides a delivery rate in a range of 0.1 to 999 milliliters per hour for each of the channels and a KVO rate range of 0.1 to 20.0 milliliters per hour.

It also has advanced biomedical features such as streamlined calibration processes and routine maintenance, troubleshooting by the log recovery, programmable communication and user messages with remote monitoring systems. It includes a wide range of menu selections including Neonatal, General Purpose, Operating Room, Controller Pressure, General Purpose II, and Operating Room II, and allows for an accurate delivery of intra-arterial, intravenous, subcutaneous, and epidural applications.

This pump is designed by Carefusion Alaris to support secondary delivery of intermittent medications, loading doses and fluid challenges from each of the channels.

Key features of the Alaris Medsystem:

  • Advanced dose rate calculation features         
  • Rapid on-line titration for the macro as well as micro delivery without any interruption to the flow
  • Configurable ranges for air-in-line thresholds, volume, and rate     
  • Configurable KVO rates and occlusion alarm settings     
  • Selectable and comprehensive drug library
  • Repeat mode for secondary infusion
  • Fast key for rapid programming
  • Sets that can be used for gravity delivery
  • Set-based free-flow protection
  • Lightweight and compact, ideal for transport    
  • Facility to attach the pump virtually anywhere
  • Screen can be easily tilted for better viewing
  • Pump can be rotated to any 1 of 4 positions
  • Allows for an accurate delivery of intra-arterial, intravenous, subcutaneous and epidural applications

Alaris Gemini PC

Alaris IMED Gemini PC-1 offers a single-channel advanced volumetric infusion pump with a controller that provides accurate, automatic infusion of intravenous fluids and drugs.

This Carefusion Alaris PC is designed to utilize the peristaltic action in both the controller and the pump modes. When in the controller mode, it can sense the pressure created due to the height of the fluid container and utilizes that pressure measure for setting the occlusion pressure limits. If in the pump mode, the limit for occlusion pressure is pre-set at approximately 10 (±2) psi. This infusion rate is selectable from a range of 0.1 milliliters per hour to 999 milliliters per hour.

The Alaris Imed Gemini PC-2TX Infusion Pump is designed to help improve clinician’s efficiency and provide the greatest value for any two-channel pump.

This device by Carefusion Alaris has been reconditioned to meet the demands of physicians and other healthcare professionals while managing critical life-threatening events. Each Alaris Imed Gemini Infusion Pump unit includes innovative features that can support up to 4 infusion modules with just a single power cord. It has an easy-to-read and large color programming screen. The programming screen can display the name of the drug or IV fluid along with the dosage, rate, and the volume infused. It also has color title bars displayed on the screen to help clinicians find information more easily. For example; the green color indicates a clinical advisory, while yellow is used as the Guardrails alert and red is considered an alarm.

Carefusion Alaris pump has a real-time battery gauge display that lets the clinician know the amount of available run time for the current infusions. The backlight keypad of these pumps enables programming in low lighting. The electrical leakage of this Carefusion Alaris pump is less than 100 microamps.

Key features of the Alaris Gemini PC:

  • Large and easy-to-read display
  • Secondary infusion can be administered with the help of infusion parameters that are independent of the primary infusions
  • Can be operated as a controller or a pump
  • Selectable infusion rate between 0.1 milliliters per hour to 999 milliliters per hour
  • Comes with a new and fully charged battery, with approximately 5 hours of one channel operating at 125 milliliters per hour, or approximately four hours of 2 channels operating at 125 milliliters per hour
  • Includes advisories on a number of parameters including Primary, Secondary, Empty Container – KVO, Infusion Complete – KVO, Maintenance, Low Battery, Pause, Total Volume Infused, Low Flow, and Secondary Volume Infused
  • Includes prompts such as Select PC Mode, Set VTBI, Set Rate, Access Channel, and Press Start
  • Alarms for quick diagnosis and treatment like Check ECD, Close Door, Check IV Set, Air-in-line, Occluded Fluid Side, Occluded Patient Side, Occluded, Flow-Stop Open/Close Door, Partial Occlusion Fluid Side, and KVO


Q. How does an Alaris IV Pump work?

Alaris infusion pumps include a PCU (point of care unit). The pumps can be customized with up to 4 modules. These modules are connected to the bags of medicine and other fluids through tubes. The entire module works together with the PCU to perform and monitor a number of functions and enhance a more accurate and reliable delivery of fluids and medications through various routes of administration.

Q. What is drug infusion technology?

Infusion therapy utilises subcutaneous and intravenous applications to deliver medication and fluid infusions. A special infusion pump is often used for the purpose of the delivery of these fluids and medications into the bloodstream or specific tissues of the patient at a preset rate or volume. The infusion pumps are designed to set the rate and volume of delivery such that the treatment outcomes can be enhanced and the risk of possible adverse effects linked to over-delivery or under-delivery are reduced. 

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