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AED Pads

AED Pads, defibrillation pads, and electrodes for sale: Best prices online.

At Integris Equipment we have a wide range of AED Pads, Defibrillation Pads, and Electrodes for sale for all leading AED and Defibrillator models including Zoll AEDs, Zoll AED Plus, Heartsine Samaritan AEDs and many more.

You can also buy from our huge range of new and refurbished AED Machines including Zoll AED Plus, and Lifepak AEDs including Lifepak CR Plus, Lifepak 1000 and Lifepak CR2 here

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AED Pads, defibrillation pads, and electrodes for sale: Best prices online.

We have a great selection of AED Pads, defibrillation pads, and electrodes for sale at the best online prices. When you purchase an AED system, it will generally include the AED device and accessories, like pads or electrodes, a battery, and carrying case. The device also has features to provide verbal and/or visual guidance to the physician performing critical life-saving procedures.

However it is always advised to have at least one spare set of AED pads as they are single patient use and cannot be reused. Additionally, AED and defibrillation pads have an expiration date of between 18 and 30 months, therefore regular maintenance and replacement is recommended.

Our range of AED pads and defibrillation pads for sale

Here are some of the details of the models of AED pads and defibrillation pads we sell online:

HeartSine Samaritan Pads

HeartSine Samaritan Pads feature advanced technologies including CPR Rate Advisor. It offers real-time feedback on the CPR rate and provides Wi-Fi connectivity to the AED Program Manager to help the rescuer ensure AED readiness.

Zoll AED Pads and AED Plus Pads

Zoll AED Pads and Zoll AED Plus Pads are designed to provide real-time feedback to the AED device, which, in turn, can provide visual and audio commands to the rescuer while performing CPR. The innovative technologies included in the design and development of Zoll pads can improve patient outcomes by delivering high-precision shocks that can restore normal heart rate and rhythm.

Can’t find the AED Pads and Defibrillation Pads you need?

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How do AEDs and AED Electrode Pads Work?

AEDs are life-saving medical devices, which work like computerized defibrillators that can analyze the heart rhythm automatically in patients experiencing cardiac arrest. When appropriate, these machines can deliver an electrical shock to the heart thus restoring its normal cardiac rhythm.

AEDs have sticky defib pads with sensors, known as electrodes, that need to be attached to the chest of the patient. The electrodes are designed to capture and send information about the heart rate and rhythm of the patient to a computer that is in-built into the AED machine. The AED machine can then analyze the heart rhythm, and when needed, deliver the shock through the electrodes. This is why AED pads are considered the vital accessories of these machines.

How do you use AED pads?

AEDs can be used for treating adults, children, and infants who are suffering cardiac arrest. Here is the step-by-step method to use AEDs and AED pads:

1. Place the AED device near the head of the patient and switch on the machine. Some AED models require the user to push the button to turn it on, while some are turned on automatically once the lid is lifted.

2. Then, follow the visual or audio prompts provided by the AED device.

3. As instructed, apply the AED pads to the chest of the patient after wiping it dry of moisture. Apply one pad just below the collarbone on the right side of the chest and another on the left lower side of the chest. Connect the pads to your AED machine if they are not already connected.

4. If there are 2 trained rescuers, one of them can perform CPR while the other prepares the device for use. CPR should not be stopped until the AED is ready for use. The AED can prompt the rescuer when to stop CPR once it is ready to assess the heart rhythm.

5. Next, clear the patient and give a shock, clearly following instructions from the AED machine. It is important to ensure noone touches the patient or his clothing while the shock is being delivered or while the AED is analyzing the heart rhythm.


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