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Lifepak 15 by Physio Control / Stryker for sale

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Lifepak 15 Defibrillators: features and specifications

Lifepak 15 Defibrillator has been designed and developed by experts and researchers to help medical professionals manage critical cardiac events with improved outcomes.

You can rely on the Lifepak 15 monitors and defibrillators for the support and confidence you need while managing emergencies, thanks to the highest possible escalating energy of up to 360 joules this device provides.

Proven clinical performance

Lifepak 15 Defibrillators have a proven clinical performance and shown improved conversion rates even in difficult-to-defibrillate patients. Having Lifepak 15 Defibrillators in your ICU or ICCU settings will help you elevate STEMI care.

Lifepak 15 monitor allows for ST-segment trend monitoring of all 12-leads continuously and alerts you when abnormal changes occur.

Higher efficiency

Physio Control Lifepak 15 Defibrillators feature an intuitive control to a dual-battery system and an easily readable anti-reflective color display, thus providing higher efficiency and ease whilst managing emergencies. The color display can be changed to high-contrast mode as and when needed for better visualization allowing you to maintain your focus on the patient.

Rugged durability

Lifepak 15 Defibrillators are made to withstand harsh working conditions including drops, shocks, and vibrations.

Key features of Lifepak 15 Defibrillators:

  • Dual-mode display screen for maximum visibility
  • All key functionalities with just a single button push
  • Quick access to connections, cables, and printers
  • Improves resuscitation results     
  • CPR guidance to help responders perform compressions without inducing over-ventilation
  • Upgradeable platform with easy adaptation to evolving protocols and guidelines
  • Contains corner guards and a shock-absorbing handle
  • Anti-scratch screen

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C. Lopez

Arrived very quickly. It was just what I was looking for and with a more approachable value.

Norman F

Great timely service, will use again.

Mark F

Great replacement battery!, it even has an expiration on it so that I know when to change it in 5 years. Last ones I purchased from another seller was garbage.


Good turn around time


Great product and service

R Harrison

Everything is as expected.