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Fukuda Denshi - T4UR18650F-2-4644

Fukuda Denshi DS 7100 Dynascope Battery Fukuda Denshi DS 7100 Dynascope Battery Specifications: Part Number: T4UR18650F-2-4644Chemistry: Li-IonVolt...

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Fukuda Denshi

Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd. is a global manufacturer of medical equipment. Founded by Takashi Fukuda in 1939 and headquartered in Japan, home to research, development and manufacturing, their global network consists of offices in North and South America, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and Asia. Estimated annual medical equipment sales revenue exceeds $1 billion, excluding sales of their used medical equipment. Fukuda Denshi specializes in cardiology instrumentation, patient monitoring devices, ultrasound and integrated system solutions. Their used medical equipment can also be found for purchase.

Fukuda Denshi currently has four models of electrocardiograph (ECG/EKG) machines: the CardiMax FCP-7101, FX-7102, FX-7202 and FX-7402. This cardiology medical equipment is used to test for abnormalities in heart anatomy or function. Models range in size and ability, including small strip recorders and interpretive devices with multiple features. All models can be AC or battery-operated.

Fukuda Denshi developed patient monitoring devices for bedside or portable use to continually monitor patient vital signs. This medical equipment allows for constant assessment of patient physiological status and allows physicians and medical teams to detect and treat life-threatening conditions quickly. Fukuda Denshi's current models of DYNASCOPE monitors include: two central station monitors (DS-5700 & DS-7600), two bedside monitors (DS-7100 & DS-7300), a peri-operative monitor (DS-7000) and an acute cardiac care monitor (DS-7200).

Fukuda Denshi currently has four models of ultrasound diagnostic medical equipment. Ultrasound machines generally use high frequencies of sound to create an image of subcutaneous body parts such as internal organs or blood vessels using a probe called a transducer. These diagnostic machines can be used for cardiovascular, abdominal, obstetrics/gynecology, emergency medicine, neurology, ophthalmology and urology applications to monitor and diagnose patient conditions. The Fukuda Denshi models of ultrasound equipment are: FFsonic UF-750XT, FFsonic UF-4100, UF-850XTD, and UF-870AG.

Fukuda Denshi recently began selling integrated systems solutions for hospital patient information. This integrated system works by transferring patient data from Fukuda Denshi's monitors or central stations to hospital information systems, such as a nurse call system, over the hospital's existing information network. They use an iSirona® Smart Adapter to transfer the data over the hospital's Ethernet or WiFi network, distributing critical or non-critical information to pagers or cell phones.

Fukuda Denshi's cardiology, monitoring and ultrasound medical equipment can be found for purchase as both new and used medical equipment. There are many websites that offer their used medical equipment for sale.

Fukuda Denshi; Bedside Monitors, Ultrasound, ECG and more

Here is a list of popular accessories for Fukuda Denshi, Please call or email to order:

Part Number - Description

  • FD-0020-16 - Fukuda Denshi DS-7100 Mounting Adapter
  • FD-0009-17C - Fukuda Denshi DS-5100/5300/5600 Mounting Adapter
  • CI-700D-5 - 5 lead ECG relay Cable - Fukuda Denshi DS-7100
  • CI-700D-3 - 3 lead ECG relay Cable - Fukuda Denshi DS-7100
  • CJ-7564 - IBP branch cable - Fukuda Denshi DS-7100
  • 500403200 - 5 lead EKG electrode cable - Fukuda Denshi ????
  • 3380.0661.13 - 5 lead EKG electrode Cable - Fukuda Denshi DS-7100
  • 3380.0661.13 - (generic version by Tyco)
  • 3380.0661.15 - (generic version by tyco)- 5 lead EKG electrode cable for DS-7000
  • 3380.0648.13 - (generic version by typo - 3 lead) for both DS-7100/DS-7000
  • CJ-522B - Ethernet Branch Cable (2m) - Fukuda Denshi DS-7700
  • CI-128A - SpO2 Relay Cable, Fukuda Denshi transmitter LX-5630
  • 13BY5046 - 12 lead EKG relay cable - Fukuda Denshi DS-7100
  • SR-5C - finger probe for Pulsox 300, 300i
  • SP-5C - Spot Check probe for Pulox 300, 300i
  • 409B - Temp Probe
  • T4UR18650F-2-4644 - Fukuda Denshi DS 7100 Dynascope Battery
  • OP-124TE - Fukuda ECG Paper (10packs/box) fan fold
  • CJ-428 - Fukuda Denshi Cable (ethernet female on one end, circluar adapter on other)

***For any Fukuda Denshi ultrasound, ecg or monitor products or accessories not found on the website, please call or email!!***



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