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Otoscopes for sale

Otoscopes for sale at great prices online. We have a great selection of otoscopes for sale from leading brands including Welch Allyn, Heine, ADC and many more. We also stock a huge range of ophthalmoscopes, you can view the full range here

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Otoscopes for sale at great prices online from a wide range of reputed brands at Integris Equipment. Otoscopes, sometimes referred to as auriscopes, are medical devices that are commonly used by the physicians to examine the ears to help diagnose conditions such as otitis externa and perforation of the tympanic membrane. 

These devices are used by a variety of medical professionals in different medical settings including hospitals, doctors' surgeries, medical training centres, healthcare centres, clinics, universities and the military for more accurate diagnosis of diseases and to improve patient outcomes. 

About otoscopes

An otoscope is an essential diagnostic tool in the field of ENT medicine. It is used to examine the ears. Healthcare providers use these devices to investigate ear symptoms of patients and to arrive at a diagnosis. 

These devices are also used to screen patients for any potential ear problems during regular check-ups. An otoscope gives a clear, illuminated view of the ear canal and the eardrum or tympanic membrane.

How does an otoscope work?

Otoscopes are small medical devices that release a beam of light, which illuminates the inner parts of the ear. It helps physicians visualize and examine parts of the ear canal and eardrum. 

Examination of the ear using an otoscope helps physicians diagnose possible ailments that patients may be complaining about, such as pain in the ears, discharge of pus from ears, a sensation of heaviness or fullness in the ear and hearing loss.

A history of the otoscope

Modern otoscopes were first developed in Germany in the 19th century when German otologist,  Wilhelm Kramer, invented a steel ear speculum with a funnel at its end. This ear speculum later came to be known as Kramer's speculum. This was the primary diagnostic tool used by physicians during the 19th century.  

The first otoscope was presented by an English military surgeon, Bruton, in 1862. This was the first device that incorporated interchangeable ear specula, along with other features, such as a magnifying lens and illumination with the help of a perforated mirror, into one handy instrument making the diagnosis of ear conditions easier for physicians.

Key features of otoscopes

Otoscopes are composed of 3 general parts called the head, handle, and cone. 

The primary function of the handle is to allow a firm grip on the device. It also contains a power source for the light released by the device. The head has a light bulb and a low-power magnifying lens whilst the cone refers to the extended part of the head of the otoscopes that is presented into the ear canal. 

Different types of otoscopes

There are a range of otoscopes for sale on the market today, and are generally categorized into 3 types:

  • Pocket otoscopes: These otoscopes are designed to fit into a pocket. These otoscopes are less bulky and lighter compared to other otoscopes for sale. The head and the handle are included in a pocket otoscope. Most pocket otoscopes have alkaline batteries for powering the handle. 

  • Full-size otoscopes: These otoscopes are more substantial in weight and size compared to pocket otoscopes. They are usually comprised of sophisticated handles and heads that can be purchased individually and the components can be interchanged amongst different brands. 

  • Video otoscopes: These otoscopes are designed to interface with a computer or a monitor to capture, store, project, and email high-quality videos and images. 

Our range of otoscopes for sale

We offer otoscopes for sale from reputed brands such as Welch Allyn, Heine, and ADC.  These brands specialize in the design and manufacturing of different types of otoscopes with advanced functionalities to help the physicians make an accurate diagnosis and improve patient outcomes.

How does an Otoscope work?

An otoscope provides a circumferential distribution of light which helps the physician have a 360-degree view of the inner parts of the ears. The circumferential distribution of the light creates a ring of light-conducting fibres in the shell of the otoscopes through which the physicians can view the inner structures of the ear including the outer ear and the tympanic membrane.

What is the difference between an Otoscope and an Ophthalmoscope?

Otoscopes are used to examine the ears, while the ophthalmoscopes are used to examine the eyes.

How much does an Otoscope cost?

If you are researching otoscopes for sale, you will find that most are available in a price range of $50 to more than $100. You can contact us to get the best prices for digital otoscopes. 

Where can you buy the best Otoscopes online?

There are several online portals offering otoscopes for sale. You can contact us to get the best prices of otoscopes online.

What are the leading brands of Otoscopes for sale on the market today?

Welch AllynHeine, and ADC are some of the reputed brands that specialize in otoscopes. Medical devices by these brands offer higher accuracy and clarity of images thereby improving the clinical efficacy of physicians. These devices are also easy to use and can be employed in a wide range of clinical settings including doctor’s offices, hospitals, health centres, medical training centres, plastic surgery clinics, medical universities, and military outdoor healthcare facilities.

Can’t find the Otoscope you need?

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