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Cautery Pen for Sale - Best Prices Online

We have a great selection of cautery pens, cautery kits, and accessories for sale including Bovie cautery pens, electrocautery pens, disposable cautery pens, and many more. 

We also stock a huge range of Symmetry/Bovie equipment, you can view the full range here

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Cautery Pen for Sale - Best Prices Online

About Cautery Pens      

A cautery pen is an essential tool for surgical and medical teams in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Surgical cautery pens, also referred to as the cautery pencils or cauteries, are small handheld devices that are used to stop bleeding by exposing the tissues to the heat, conducted through its tip. 

These devices especially work well with small capillaries and blood vessels and are used commonly within general and plastic surgeries, and dermatologic, ophthalmic, urology, and otolaryngology procedures. There are many procedures that offer favorable patient outcomes when the cautery pens are used.

Cautery pens basically focus on correcting issues affecting the surface of the skin. Hence why, medical dermatology boasts the most prolific use of these devices. 

Healthcare settings including hospitals and clinics that perform in-patient surgeries or out-patient procedures should make sure their team has access to a good supply of a high-quality cauterizing pens and equipment to enable them to perform the procedures more efficiently with a markedly reduced risk of complications such as bleeding.

Our range of Cautery Pens for Sale

We have a great selection of cautery pens, cautery kits, and accessories for sale including Bovie cautery pens, electrocautery pens, disposable cautery pens, and many more.  

Bovie / Aaron Low Temp Fine Tip Cautery

Bovie Aaron offers 4 different cauterizing pens that are specifically designed for the field of ophthalmology. This Bovie Cautery Pen has an impressive 4-year shelf-life. These devices are considered one of the best for the high-precision output they offer. 

With a variety of fine tips and low temperatures, surgeons can be assured of precise hemostasis at the exact location of the capillaries or blood vessels. These disposable cautery pens are packaged under strict sterile conditions.

Key features 

  • High precision output

  • 4-year shelf-life 

  • Adjustable fine tip

  • Temperature settings at 700° to 1200° F ( or 371° to 649° C)

  • 10 per box

Bovie Change-A-Tip Deluxe High Temp Cautery Kit

These replaceable tip and battery cauteries offer advanced technologies where re-usability is a desired feature. 

These devices are excellent for use in general surgery, operating theatres as well as in accident and emergency departments. These cauteries are suitable for use in a wide variety of surgical and clinical procedures in out-patient and in-patient settings.

The HIT0-Change-A-Tip low-temperature handle device has reusable low-temperature handles. The package includes 1 non-sterile tip and 1 “AA” battery. 

The HIT1-Change-A-Tip high-temperature handle includes 1 non-sterile tip and 2 “AA” alkaline batteries.

The sterile tips also include a sterile drape that covers the non-sterile handle. The tips are packaged individually, 10 per box.

Key features 

  • Reusable handles and tips 

  • Comes with a low-temperature or a high-temperature handle

  • Includes 1 non-sterile tip and 1 or 2 “AA” alkaline batteries

  • A sterile drape included with the sterile tips 

Bovie DEL2 Change-A-Tip HI-LO Cautery Kit

These are replaceable tip and battery cautery pens that offer advanced technology in battery-operated cauterizing pens where reusability is once again a desired feature. 

These devices offer excellence in precision for surgical procedures in clinics, hospitals, and emergency rooms performed on an out-patient and in-patient basis. 

These devices are available as pre-packaged change-a-tip cauteries and tip kits as well as individually in low or high-temperature models with a great variety of tips specifically designed to fit the needs of different procedures.

Key features 

  • Includes 1 low-temperature handle and 1 high-temperature handle

  • Includes 1 sterile H100 tip, 1 sterile H101 tip, 1 sterile H103 tip, and 1 sterile H121 tip

  • Includes 6 “AA” alkaline batteries 

  • Comes with a foam-lined case

Bovie High-Temperature Cautery Fine Tip

With these high-temperature cauteries by Bovie, bleeding is controlled precisely and accurately during surgical procedures. Thanks to the different widths and lengths of the electrode, these electrocautery pens offer a broad range of medical applications including subungual hematoma and diffuse hemostasis.

These cauteries are also available as the change-a-tip model and a replaceable tip.

Key features 

  • High-temperature cautery pen with temperature setting up to 1204°C

  • Various tips, such as ‘fine’, ‘adjustable and fine’, ‘elongated and fine’, ‘loop’ as well as ‘loop and micro’

  • Battery cautery has a safety cap

  • Features safety buttons for all the common models

  • The battery can be easily separated for safe disposal

Can’t find the cautery pen you need?

Every day more cautery pens and equipment arrive at our warehouse so if you're looking for something specific, we can help! Give us a call at 1 (888) 228-7564 or shoot us an email anytime:

What are the typical uses of a cauterizing pen?

The common procedures that use a cautery pen include: 

  • Removal of skin tags

  • Treatment of small angiomas

  • Treatment of basal cell carcinoma

  • Removal of pyogenic granuloma

  • Wart removal

  • Treatment of sebaceous hyperplasia

  • Tumor excision

  • Treatment of subungual hematoma

  • Nasal surgeries

  • Ophthalmic procedures

What heat does a cautery pen use?

The heat used by the electrocautery pen is derived from the electric source it is attached to. However, during electrocautery, the electric current does not enter the body directly. Instead, it flows through the heating element and burns the tissue by the direct transfer of heat. 

So, an electrocautery is basically a thermocautery unit, usually battery-powered, and has features like easy portability. It may be reusable and disposable.

What is the best cautery pen on the market?

Bovie is the leading manufacturer of reusable and disposable cautery pens. Some of the best cautery pens include Bovie Low Temp Fine Tip Cautery, Bovie Change- A-Tip Deluxe High Temp Cautery Kit, Bovie DEL2 Change-A-Tip, HI-LO Cautery Kit, and Bovie High-Temperature Cautery Fine Tip.

How much is a cautery pen?

The costs of cauterising pens range between $50 and $200. The cost very much depends on the manufacturer, design, and the features included in the device. 


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