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Datex Ohmeda (GE) Anesthesia Machines For Sale - New, Used & Refurbished - Best Prices Online

At Integris Equipment we have an extensive range of Datex Ohmeda GE Anesthesia Machines and accessories for sale. You can buy and sell Datex Ohmeda GE Anesthesia Machines through Integris Equipment. Choose from our extensive range of Anesthesia Machines and accessories including Datex Ohmeda Aespire, Aestiva 5, Aestiva 3000 and Aisys Anesthesia Machines. Save 30-70% off traditional prices for these machines with our refurbished options.

We also stock a huge range of additional Datex Ohmeda (GE) machines and accessories here.

***For any Datex Ohmeda products not found on the website, please call or email!!***

Filter Datex Ohmeda (GE) Anesthesia Machines For Sale - New, Used & Refurbished - Best Prices Online

Datex Ohmeda (GE) Anesthesia Machines For Sale - New, Used & Refurbished - Best Prices Online

About Datex Ohmeda (GE)

Datex Ohmeda is focused on providing high-quality anesthesia machines with an aim to deliver innovation and help clinicians provide tailored therapies to patients suffering from a wide range of critical ailments. Datex Ohmeda offers advanced anesthesia delivery solutions to enable clinicians to perform anesthesia delivery, customized based on the specific needs of patients.

Our Range of Datex Ohmeda (GE) Anesthesia Machines

Datex Ohmeda Aestiva 5

The Datex Ohmeda Aestiva 5 is one of the most popular models from this generation of anesthesia machines. This equipment includes an advanced set of features that are user-friendly and ensure that the anesthesia procedure can be performed by the clinician with better ease and in a highly efficient manner.  

Datex Ohmeda Aestiva 5 also includes a flexible open interface meant to help physicians use their current monitors with an exceptional level of functional integration. The lower flow anesthesia delivery provided by these machines can optimize safety and reduce the operating cost of the machine. 

Key features and benefits of Datex Ohmeda Aestiva 5:

  • SmartVent technology that offers improved respiratory functionalities
  • Lower flow anesthesia that optimizes safety while reducing the operating cost of the machine
  • A flexible open interface that allows physicians to use their current monitors with a higher level of functional integration
  • Volume control mode
  • Pressure control mode
  • Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation 
  • Tidal volume compensation
  • Cardiac bypass case mode
  • Easier switch from the mechanical to manual mode
  • Quickly moved to total standby
  • Fresh gas flow compensation
  • Smoother and faster-acting gas flow control

Datex Ohmeda (GE) Aestiva 3000 Anesthesia Machine

Datex Ohmeda (GE) Aesitva 3000 anesthesia machine is designed to help physicians provide faster treatment to patients diagnosed with critical illnesses. Aestiva 3000 is a "smart" anesthesia machine that offers cost-effective and flexible operations. It features volume and pressure control modes that make it useful for treating a range of patients, including neonates, and compromised and trauma patients. 

The Datex Ohmeda (GE) Aestiva 3000 anesthesia machine includes a wide range of features designed for providing improved patient care and increasing the chances of successful treatment outcomes. 

Key features and benefits of the Datex Ohmeda (GE) Aestiva 3000:

  • SmartVent automatic gas compensation system 
  • Superior ventilation 
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Compact and ergonomically superior design 
  • Feature to adjust the change in the fresh gas flows
  • Suited for low-flow anesthesia
  • Less anesthetic agent needed
  • Reduces costs

Datex Ohmeda (GE) Aisys Anesthesia Machine

The Datex Ohmeda (GE) Aisys machine offers a high precision control to streamline advanced care significantly. The Aisys anesthesia machine allows the ventilators, gas delivery, and vaporizers to be digitally controlled with an integrated data management system that provides real-time patient information and data exchange.

Key features and benefits of the Datex Ohmeda (GE) Aisys:

  • Electronically monitored and controlled ventilation, gas delivery, and vaporization 
  • Data capabilities that enable digital interfacing
  • Easily upgradable functionality
  • Provides digital feedback on drug levels, ventilation, and patient status
  • Provides full assessment of the patient’s status
  • Distinguishes between spontaneous and mechanical breathing

Datex Ohmeda (GE) Aespire Anesthesia Machine 

Datex Ohmeda (GE) Aespire Anesthesia Machines have fewer components and connections, which can help to minimize the risk of leaks and misconnections and ensures greater patient safety. 

Key features and benefits of the Datex Ohmeda (GE) Aespire:

  • Volume over-delivery protection and limits
  • Dual redundant airway protection against over-pressure
  • 10 VA electrical power limit to an oxygen-enriched environment
  • Better suction control, which eliminates the need for standalone suction
  • Proprietary fixed manifolds and hose connections

Datex Ohmeda (GE) Excel 210 SE Anesthesia Machine

Datex Ohmeda (GE) Excel 210 SE Anesthesia Machine includes unique features like a link-25 hypoxic mixture guarding system and pin-indexed, dual N2O and O2 flowmeters (Gas-Specific). 

These machines are designed to include fixed shelving for added monitoring space and powerful monitoring and ventilation capabilities needed in case of shifting to any secondary anesthetizing location. 

The compact frame of the Datex Ohmeda (GE) Excel 210 SE allows it to fit even in the space-constrained areas making it one of the best anesthesia machines to have for physicians who need to attend to critical patients in different settings other than the ICU or ICCU alone. 

Key features and benefits of the Datex Ohmeda (GE) Excel 210 SE:

  • Vaporizer manifold for two tech 5 vaporizers
  • Accommodates 2 vaporizers and 3 gases
  • Guarded O2 flush button
  • Integrated oxygen, volume, and airway pressure monitoring
  • Oxygen power outlet
  • Single-action brake or footrest
  • Two-drawer storage cabinet
  • Large and easy-running casters
  • Full-height dovetail accessory mounting system

We supply both new and refurbished Datex Ohmeda GE Anesthesia Machines. Our refurbished machines are put through extensive testing and cleaning before being returned to factory specification by our team of Certified BioMedical Engineers so you can buy with confidence. Many customers can save between 30-70% off traditional prices by buying a refurbished alternative. 

Can’t find the Datex Ohmeda (GE) Machine you need?

Everyday more Datex Ohmeda (GE) products arrive at our warehouse so if you're looking for something specific, we can help! Give us a call at 1 (888) 228-7564 or shoot us an email anytime:


What models of Datex Ohmeda (GE) Anesthesia Machine do you sell?

We sell an extensive range of Datex Ohmeda (GE) Anesthesia Machines, and Accessories including new and the refurbished ones.  The models of Datex Ohmeda (GE) Anesthesia Machines we sell include: 

How much does a Datex Ohmeda (GE) Anesthesia Machine cost?

The costs of Datex Ohmeda GE Anesthesia Machines vary hugely ranging from a couple of thousand dollars for refurbished and older models to tens of thousands for the newer models with higher specifications. Please contact our specialists today on 1 (888) 228-7564 or email us at to discuss pricing for anesthesia machines.


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