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Drager Ventilators for Sale, new and refurbished - Best Prices Online

Drager Ventilators for Sale, new and refurbished - Best Prices Online logo

Drager Ventilators for Sale, new and refurbished - Best Prices Online

 About Drager      

Dräger is a manufacturer of advanced medical devices and safety products. The team of experts at Dräger aim to support, protect and save the lives of people across the world in hospitals across different healthcare settings such as emergency services, ICUs, and NICUs.

Founded in 1889 in Lübeck as a family-run business, Dräger has today grown into a worldwide, reputed enterprise in its 5th generation. 

Our Range of Drager Ventilators for Sale

We have a great selection of new and refurbished Drager ventilators and accessories for sale including Drager Babylog, Drager Oxylog, Drager Evita and many more. Best Drager ventilator prices online. 

Drager Evita Range

Drager Evita range, including the new Evita Drager V500, V600, and V800, are designed to support physicians with their daily clinical tasks in critical healthcare settings including ICUs.

The new Evita Drager ventilators along with lung function monitors like PulmoVista 500 provide optimum support to patients. They include tools and technologies that support a safe handling of maneuvers with breath-by-breath trends for optimum decision support during treatment.

Drager Evita XL ventilators have the ability to maintain the right balance of CO2 and end-expiratory lung volume and remove excess CO2 using PC-APRV with its AutoRelease feature.

These Drager ventilators enhance patient safety through their integrated CO2 measurement in ventilation mode. They are safe and quick to operate even in the most challenging situations thanks to the intuitive menu access to both settings and clinical data.

All patient data, trends and alarms are recorded fully and exported conveniently through the USB interface. It also allows a quick switch between different view configurations with the touch of a button.

Drager ventilators provide step-by-step guidance that lead the operator through the life-saving procedures. They also include a 360° alarm light that flashes in different colors of corresponding alarm priorities which is visible from all directions.

Key features of the Drager Evita Ventilators:

  • Shows patient’s respiratory status and diagnostic opportunities with its advanced lung monitoring
  • No need to change ventilator during patient transport
  • Ability to operate the device independently during intra-hospital transport with external power supply units or gas
  • Utilises bed coupling to transport the patient safely in the bed
  • Early mobilization of the patient that helps to reduce the risk of delirium and the length of ICU stay     
  • Stabilizes spontaneous breathing of the patient in a comfortable zone of ventilation and reduces ventilator support automatically
  • Increases variability during spontaneous breathing and simulates the variability of normal breaths thus improving pulmonary functions     
  • Maintains a stable tidal volume for resistance, compliance and spontaneous respiration and protects the lungs against hypo-and hyperinflation

Drager Savina 300

The Dräger Savina 300 combines the advanced features of turbine-driven ventilation systems with a broad range of ventilation modes. Savina Ventilators come with a large color touch screen as well as an intuitive operating system that focuses on essential features, making the operations and configuration simpler. 

Drager Savina 300 provides a Dräger-wide standardized user interface that provides more confidence during use and also reduces training time. Dräger Savina 300 also offers quick operational readiness with its automatic device check and an intelligent alarm handling that enables quick responses during critical situations. It has sealed and smooth surfaces for easier disinfection and cleaning. 

Key features of the Drager Savina 300 Ventilator:

  • Intuitive for simple operation and quick configuration
  • High ventilation performance
  • Broad range of ventilation modes
  • NIV (Non-invasive ventilation) with a quick response time to patient efforts made available in all the modes
  • Stress-free spontaneous breathing with its excellent trigger response time 
  • Supports free-breathing with AutoFlow technique that enables volume-constant ventilation at the minimum pressure level
  • Extended graphic features with trends, loops, and logbook
  • No device changes needed when altered ventilation therapy is necessary

Drager Oxylog Range

The Drager Oxylog range includes Oxylog 3000, Oxylog 3000 Plus, Oxylog 2000, Oxylog 1000 and Oxylog 2000 Plus.  The Drager Oxylog range of products are designed to give medical professionals the confidence to master the most demanding situations while treating critical medical events.

Ventilated patients require transport by air frequently in hypobaric environments. Research has revealed that the performance of ventilators can be significantly impacted by cabin pressure or altitude.

However, the Drager Oxylog Range of ventilators has been designed to minimize the impact of these conditions on their performance. These devices possess technologically advanced features that can help physicians treat patients with medical emergencies and compromised respiratory functions easier. These devices are designed to work under the most challenging environments including at very high altitudes.

The Dräger Oxylog range of ventilators combines the power and advanced features of a turbine-driven ventilation system with its broad range of ventilatory modes. These devices come with a large color touch screen and an intuitive operating system both of which are focused on making the operations and configuration simpler for physicians to use.

The Oxylog range of ventilators has a Dräger-wide standardized user interface that gives confidence to the physicians during use and helps reduce training time. Dräger Oxylog offers quick operational readiness, thanks to its automatic device check.

The intelligent alarm handling of these devices also enables quick response time during critical medical situations. The Drager Oxylog range of products are fitted with sealed and smooth surfaces for easier disinfection and cleaning.

Dräger Oxylog offers high ventilation performance with its advanced features like non-invasive ventilation and AutoFlow integrated capnography. The robust and compact Oxylog ventilator is designed to help transport patients safely by providing feedback on the correctness and effectiveness of ventilation and intubation. 

Whether you are transporting severely ill patients in the hospital or the field, the new features of Dräger Oxylog such as AutoFlow and integrated capnography allow you to ensure optimum patient safety. The full pediatric support and improved data connectivity provided by these devices ensure you do not have to compromise on continuing the therapy during patient transport.

These devices are designed keeping in mind the challenges of monitoring patients in the field. Hence, it is made available with an integrated mainstream CO2 monitoring feature to help you confirm optimum intubation and ventilation performance and effectiveness at all times.

The Drager Oxylog range also has a dedicated and specially designed pediatric patient circuit with reduced dead space and lower compliance. This enables you to provide optimum ventilation to a wider range of patients with just a single device.

With its advanced data export features, Drager Oxylog will not just export ventilation parameter data to the data management systems and external monitors in real-time, but also help you take full advantage of Dräger’s Remote Service.

Key features of the Drager Oxylog Range:

  • Advanced data export features     
  • Designed to compensate for altitudes automatically
  • Tested for use in rotary and fixed-wing aircraft
  • Eliminates the need for manual calculation thus reducing the risk of errors
  • Increases efficiency     
  • High confidence during patient transport
  • Wide range of AutoFlow and ventilation modes     
  • Integrated capnography
  • Saves training time and storage space
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Tested for use in rotary and fixed-wing aircraft    
  • Ready for pediatric patients

Drager Babylog range

Drager Babylog range is a range of neonatal ventilators including Babylog 8000, Babylog VN 500 and Babylog 8000 Plus. 

Drager Babylog range is backed by the state of the art facilities and decades of expertise and experience in the manufacturing of innovative medical devices including ventilators. These ventilators are commonly used and highly preferred by physicians across the world.

The advanced features and innovative design of these devices support the efforts of physicians in providing relief to small children suffering from breathing problems. Owing to its attributes such as modular design, rugged construction, and low maintenance, the Drager Babylog range of ventilators has found a broad application in numerous hospital settings and nursing homes.

These devices adhere to parameters for the highest quality standards at national as well as international levels and provide physicians with utmost satisfaction in terms of performance during life-saving procedures.

The sensitive synchronization features of these ventilators along with the gentle and precise support they offer for spontaneous breathing, reduce the work of breathing and make the process of ventilation more comfortable for patients.

Key features of the Drager Babylog range:

  • Conventional ventilation with features like continuous flow, time-cycled, and pressure-limited
  • Triggers for flow and volume
  • Leak adapted design
  • Lung function monitoring with high compliance and resistance     
  • Uses linear regression analysis method
  • Integrated FiO2 monitoring
  • Real-time curves for pressure and flow integrated


Q    What is a typical Drager Ventilator price in the US?

Drager ventilators cost anywhere between 2000 to 6000 USD depending on the specific model and features included. However, the prices are variable - we offer a range of new and refurbished options for Drager ventilators at a price to suit your budget. Call us today to discuss the Drager ventilator price, your budget, and requirements.

Q    What does a ventilator do?

A ventilator helps to pump oxygen into the body mechanically. The air flows through the tube attached to the ventilator into the lungs thus providing respiratory support to critically ill patients.

In some patients with COVID-19, the viral infection may cause severe inflammation resulting in pneumonia due to which lung functions are affected. In these cases, a ventilator provides respiratory support allowing the patient to breathe more easily, ultimately helping save the life of the patient.

When treating patients with COVID-19, a ventilator also allows medical professionals to ensure that timely support to breathing functions is provided to prevent complications such as ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome).

Even in the case of lung failure, a ventilator provides adequate support and allows time for the patient to overcome the infection when the lungs are able to regain their functions. 

Q    How does a ventilator work?

A ventilator helps to pump oxygen into the body mechanically. The tube goes into the mouth and down the windpipe to ensure direct delivery of oxygen into the lungs. The ventilator may breathe for the patient or allow the patient to breathe on his own more easily. Ventilators can also be set for the specific number of breaths a patient needs to take per minute in order to prevent hypoventilation or hyperventilation.

Can’t find the Drager Ventilator you need?

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