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Laerdal QCPR - Best Prices Online

We have a great selection of Laerdal QCPR products and accessories for sale including Little Anne QCPR, SimMan 3G, Laerdal Airway Management Trainer, Resusci Anne QCPR and many more.

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Laerdal QCPR - Best Prices Online

About Laerdal QCPR       

Laerdal is one of the leading manufacturers of QCPR training devices that are designed and manufactured to make the training of medical students, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners related to CPR techniques, easier and more efficient. 

Laerdal believes in making learning fun, thus helping the learners grasp the training more quickly and effectively. The QCPR devices by Laerdal are based on the concept of ‘fun learning is better learning’. 

The experts at Laerdal know that CPR training can create lifesavers, however, for years, it had been a challenge for instructors to provide perfect, objective, and accurate feedback about the CPR performance of their students. This is why Laerdal has designed advanced QCPR devices that can help instructors teach CPR techniques with ease and enable them to provide accurate and constructive feedback to students. 

First aid professionals, medical professionals, and procurement managers who work in environments where there is a large volume of first aid and medical training, can rely on Laerdal devices to improve their students learing. The devices are perfect for use in hospitals, healthcare centers, surgical centers, medical science universities, first aid training centers, military, and indeed any environment where there is a need for first aid training.

Laerdal, Established in 2010, has today become the leading solution provider for simulation and skills-based education all over the world. By combining the experience of Laerdal from its own wide body of work across the globe, the company has uniquely positioned itself as a provider of optimum support to its partner organizations and institutions helping them save lives through improved skills and simulation-based learning.

Our Range of Laerdal QCPR Products for Sale

At Integris, we have a great selection of Laerdal QCPR products, Laerdal Simulation products and accessories for sale including Little Anne QCPR, SimMan 3G, Laerdal Airway Management Trainer, Resusci Anne QCPR, Lerdal Nursing Anne Simulator, and many more.

Little Anne QCPR

Little Anne QCPR is designed to provide correct manikin anatomy. It is now also available with feedback technology and a gaming element. These features help instructors to improve the CPR training quality, learner engagement and classroom efficiency.  

In all environments, Laerdal Little Anne QCPR provides life-like anatomy. It has a perfect head tilt, nose-pinch, chin lift as well as jaw thrusts. It also has anatomically correct nasal and oral passages.

Little Anne QCPR also has a correct pressure feature that can allow the learner and instructor to see and hear whether the compressions are performed in the right manner. It has an in-built clicker signal, which tells when the correct compression depths are achieved.

Laerdal Little Anne is easy and quick to maintain. Clean-up is made easy with removable faces and disposable lungs. Designed with Laerdal’s patented materials and design, Little Anne QCPR is built to last.

Key features of the Learedal Little Anne:

  • Intelligent scoring system 
  • Guideline-compliant apps for improved quality learning
  • Real-time CPR feedback
  • Best in class CPR training 
  • Allows instructors to check how learners are performing with proper feedback on the depths, rate, release and ventilation
  • Every manikin can be connected to the instructor app with a reliable and stable one-click Smart Bluetooth enabled connection. 
  • Gives learners tips on their performance and ways for improvements with its intelligent scoring functionalities
  • Motivates learners to move from “passed” to perfection.
  • QCPR race competition
  • Rock-solid connection
  • Finishes every training session with a fun and informal QCPR race 
  • Built-in how-to videos and tutorials

SimMan 3G

SimMan 3G was designed to be the world’s most trusted patient simulator. It has been built on decades of experience and expertise. SimMan 3G offers fully immersive simulation experiences with optimum realism.

SimMan 3G is designed to represent a range of patient scenarios to prepare the learners for  real-world situations. Training individually or as a team, it can help learners practice critical life-saving skills such as team communication, decision-making, and patient care. With a set of realistic and improved features, learners can encounter complex medical cases in risk-free environments. 

It provides great improvements compared to the earlier SimMan Classic models and includes more powerful wireless controls, battery life, new software GUI system, internal air compressor, fluid ports, CPR feedback, improved skins, RFID tagged medication use, dilating and blinking pupils and much more. 

SimMan 3G has undergone a vast number of incremental improvements in its design and features and is among the most preferred patient simulators across the world.

Using a microphone in the simulation lab or control room, the simulation facilitator can also speak as the voice of a patient through the speaker in the head part of the SimMan 3G. Through the operation of the Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist, SimMan 3G manikin can also be pre-programmed to run some specific patient cases or be operated like it is “on the fly”.

More commonly, re-programmed scenarios are included to enable educators to change the direction of the patient’s status based on the actions of the learner, with an ability to run manually or take over as the need arises.

SimMan 3G’s limbs can be repositioned, also, the chest of the simulator rises and falls with the breaths as appropriate, and its eyes dilate and blink. It also secretes liquids such as cranium fluid, tears, urine, and wound blood.

Key features of the SimMan 3G:

  • Powerful wireless control
  • Longer battery life
  • New software GUI system
  • Powerful internal air compressor and fluid ports
  • Constructive CPR feedback
  • Improved skin
  • RFID tagged medication usage
  • Advanced features like dilating and blinking pupils

Laerdal Airway Management Trainer

Laerdal Airway Management Trainer is designed to help medical educators perfect training for CPR procedures. This simulator has been designed to offer realistic practice, which is the key to developing and improving proficiency in airway management skills. 

Laerdal Airway Management Trainer simulates an adult airway realistically. Its lifelike head and upper torso can be used for the demonstration and practice of intubation, suction, and ventilation techniques. It can also be used for demonstrations of the upper airway bronchoscopy and bronchoscopy-guided endotracheal intubation. 

It can help in developing skills that are transferable directly to clinical settings. It can also create an environment wherein the student can train with the simulator or the equipment they would have to use in real-life scenarios for clearing and suction, bag-valve ventilation, and intubation. It has different methods of intubation such as tracheal (nasal and oral), pharyngeal (nasal and oral), esophageal, and bronchial, and even LMA insertion. 

It includes simulation of suction and clearing of the oral cavity, oro- or nasopharyngeal passages,and gastric drainage. Clean-up is made easier with disposable lungs and removable faces. It also includes features that allow users to see and hear whether the compressions are carried out correctly and has an in-built clicker signal that tells when correct compression depths are achieved. 

It delivers tips on performance and improvements with an intelligent scoring functionality, it helps motivate learners to move from “passed” to perfection. Every training session culminates in a fun and informal QCPR race allowing students to experience what it’s like performing CPR in high-stress situations. 

The manikin can be connected to the instructor app with a one-click Bluetooth Smart connection. Made with Laerdal’s patented design and materials; Laerdal Airway Management Trainer is built to last.

Key features of the Laerdal Airway Management Trainer:

  • Provides visual inspection of lung expansion  
  • Provides auscultation for breath sounds  
  • Sellick Maneuver (for cricoid pressure)  
  • Simulation of laryngospasm 
  • Simulation of endotracheal intubation and placement of supraglottic airways
  • Simulates tube placement correctly 
  • Bronchoscopic evaluation of tip position
  • Feedback for excessive laryngoscope pressure during intubation 
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Guideline-compliant apps for quality learning
  • Makes your CPR training best in class
  • Real-time CPR feedback
  • Checks how every learner is performing with feedback on depths, release, rate, and ventilation
  • Intelligent scoring and guidance
  • QCPR race competition
  • Rock-solid connection
  • Built-in tutorials and how-to videos

Resusci Anne QCPR

Resusci Anne QCPR is a high-performance CPR skill training simulator for first responders. It is designed to train to perfection. The Resusci Anne QCPR can help to elevate CPR training to a higher level of proficiency and precision. By including the training with the same equipment, protocols, and techniques used in real emergencies, professional first responders are able to perfect their individual and teamwork skills.

It is designed to be flexible as well as upgradeable over time. Resusci Anne can also help first responders learn a wide range of skills linked to resuscitation. It offers a modern yet classic rebuild of advanced digital futures. Resusci Anne QCPR is considered the first resuscitation manikin in the world that has now become smarter than ever. It is app-compatible, enables precision training, includes gamified learning, and provides objective feedback. 

Resusci Anne QCPR includes features that support practicing teamwork and communication in the safety of simulated environments. It also measures team performance based on CPR parameters by providing accurate feedback on the compressions and ventilation. The result is a confident and highly skilled first response team.

Resusci Anne QCPR has 3 chest springs, allowing the student to experience different types of chest stiffness and adjust their compressions accordingly. It is suitable for training on the correct usage of the supraglottic equipment with its realistic airway head module.

Key features of the Resusci Anne QCPR:

  • Includes upgrade kits for pre-2018 models
  • Ready for a wide range of training sessions
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Works just like a phone with a long battery life of up to 35 hours 
  • App-compatible
  • Supports efficient and impactful training sessions 
  • Improved durability
  • Contains a new rugged compression system 
  • Correct chest anatomy 
  • Hands-on precision for better proficiency
  • Realistic airway handling and sensor-enabled touch 
  • Advanced feedback sensors that help you provide accurate instructions to trainees
  • Torso with airway head
  • High-performance CPR
  • Improves soft skills

Laerdal Nursing Anne simulator

Nursing Anne Simulator is designed to help you train your students for the highest level of skill development for the management of medical emergencies. These first nursing simulators cover all aspects of modern nursing education. It offers realistic and safe practices on core nursing skills including basic assessments, critical thinking and advanced interventions. 

It can also evaluate patient consciousness with its conscious patient characteristics which include blinking eyes and spontaneous breathing. This simulator is designed to expand the scope of training. It can help you take your training to the next level with its add-on accessory modules. It can facilitate clinical training by focusing on mastectomy care, general patient care and wound assessment.

You can use this simulator as a highly realistic skill trainer or a female simulator. It includes accurate clinical procedures and realistic patient care procedures. It also has features for the placement and caring of NG tubes, gavage and gastric lavage and complete urinary catheterization. 

It has perfect anatomical landmarks that allow learners to develop skills including the palpation of anatomical landmarks like the scapula, clavicle, and the anterior superior iliac crest. It can also be used for training in the administration of IM injections that involve palpation for insertion at the proper locations. 

It covers every aspect of the modern nursing curriculum including fundamentals of nursing, pharmacology, nurse orientation, health assessment, and medical, surgical and mental health. 

From diagnosis and assessment skills, through planning, evaluation, and implementation, Nursing Anne Simulator allows learners to experience both successes as well as mistakes while gaining the necessary skills and confidence in a safe environment.

Key features of the Laerdal Nursing Anne Simulator:

  • Designed for basic and advanced nursing education
  • Lifelike and realistic training
  • Supports auscultation diagnostics
  • Teaches the learner how to auscultate anterior and posterior pulmonary sounds and cardiac and bowel sounds
  • Suitable for training on the infusion of fluids and medications with pre-ported bilateral IV arms and a central line catheter 
  • Features CPR capabilities like compression and ventilation 
  • Provides bilateral assessment
  • Trains in performing realistic vital sign assessment with blood pressures and pulse
  • Allows learners to interact realistically with its tetherless and wireless operations
  • Lifelike handling and movements of the patient with bilateral articulating elbows, bendable waist, and positional head, allowing her to be placed in tripod position or sit up unassisted

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What does QCPR mean?

QCPR refers to the six critical steps for Quality Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (QCPR). 

How does QCPR differ from traditional CPR?

Traditional CPR is aimed at saving the life of a patient, though it has some limitations. Quality CPR (QCPR) is aimed at helping medical students learn to improve CPR techniques to enhance the chances of saving the life of a patient in a critical medical event.

QCPR can be achieved with the help of training using simulators that mimic the anatomical and physiological characteristics of a human body under normal as well as various disease conditions. 

What products are in the Little Family QCPR?

  • Little Baby QCPR manikin with 7 airways, and 2 AA batteries (installed in the manikin)
  • Little Junior QCPR manikin with 1 additional face mask, 2  AA batteries, and  2 airways
  • Little Anne QCPR manikin, with 1 additional face mask, 2 AA batteries, and 2 airways


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