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Oct 10, 2011 - GE Healthcare Launches Patient-Embracing Coil Technology in US

GE Healthcare Launches Patient-Embracing Coil Technology in the U.S.

10/10/2011 -- Waukesha, WI -- GE Healthcare today announced the U.S. launch of the GEM Suite (Geometry Embracing Method) of surface coils, designed for use with the Optima* MR450w 1.5T wide bore magnetic resonance imaging system, at Syracuse Orthopedic Solutions, the first U.S. site to install the technology.

With uniqueness of each patient in mind, GE Healthcare engineered the new GEM Suite surface coil technology to reflect the importance of making the geometry of the equipment and technology compatible with the patient. Designed to help maximize patient comfort, the GEM Suite features ergonomic design, flexible lightweight material, padding and comfort tilt positioning --which together embrace the patient and help to enable excellent image quality for small Field of View (FOV) detail studies and whole-body reviews.

"SOS needed a new solution for our claustrophobic and large individuals," said James Colone, Director of Medical Imaging and DME Services at Syracuse Orthopedic Solutions. "Our previous solution was a .7T Open MR. It was the best solution in 2003, but with the recent introduction of the Optima MR 450w wide bore 70cm bore in a 1.5T unit, we realized that we could now perform exams of outstanding quality on this population of patients with greater comfort. The addition of the GEM coil package brought this unit to a new level of comfort for the patients and ease of use for the technologists. The technologists now actually have more options for positioning the patients with fewer coils. The GEM Suite coils are flexible so they conform to the patient's body and we especially like the Comfort Tilt Head/Neck coil that finally allows us to comfortably scan kyphotic patients."

The combined features of the entire Suite are designed to facilitate high resolution, signal-to-noise (SNR) imaging from the top of the head down to the feet, while maximizing the comfort of patients across many different shapes, sizes and situations. In general, a significant amount of patient motion during an MR exam is the result of discomfort or anxiety. By addressing the sources of discomfort and anxiety, the GEM Suite approach aims to help reduce patient motion and improve the quality of the exam.

Covering 98 percent of all exam types, the GEM coils can be used individually or combined to provide head to toe patient coverage. The GEM suite enables automatic selection of the configuration that best fits the selected region of interest. It includes a total 205cm scanning range, feet first scanning in all supported exams, and design features to embrace patients of a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

GEM Suite is designed to help technologists reposition patients less often and cover more anatomy, offering them as much as 38% less weight to handle, making patient positioning faster and easier.

The GE Healthcare GEM Suite comprises a set of receive-only radio frequency surface coils including the Express Table and GEM Posterior Array, the GEM Head & Neck Unit, the GEM Anterior Array, the GEM Peripheral Vascular/Lower Extremity Array and GEM Flex Coils.

* Trademark of General Electric Company

About Syracuse Orthopedic Solutions:

Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists (SOS), with nine locations and 28 surgeons in Central New York, provides the highest quality musculoskeletal care by offering services such as our spine center, hand/wrist center, pain management and surgical services to make patient diagnosis and treatment more accessible. Featuring specialty trained and focused orthopedic surgeons and other providers, SOS is committed to people leading active lives, treating sports and work-related injuries, replacing joints and relieving chronic and acute pain. For more information, go to

About GE Healthcare:

GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care. Our broad expertise in medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, performance improvement and performance solutions services help our customers to deliver better care to more people around the world at a lower cost. In addition, we partner with healthcare leaders, striving to leverage the global policy change necessary to implement a successful shift to sustainable healthcare systems.

Our "healthymagination" vision for the future invites the world to join us on our journey as we continuously develop innovations focused on reducing costs, increasing access and improving quality around the world. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, GE Healthcare is a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE). Worldwide, GE Healthcare employees are committed to serving healthcare professionals and their patients in more than 100 countries. For more information about GE Healthcare, visit our website at

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