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Zoll AEDs and Zoll Defibrillators for sale

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Zoll AEDs and Zoll Defibrillators for sale

About Zoll

Zoll is one of the global leaders in the development and manufacturing of medical devices.  Zoll is firmly committed to the purpose of employing advanced technologies and transforming them into innovative medical equipment that can be easily adapted to multiple clinical settings.

Zoll is focused on providing advanced medical devices to physicians to help them improve the clinical outcomes during critical emergency events. These medical equipment and software solutions can allow clinicians, EMS professionals, lay rescuers,  fire professionals, and the military to provide life-saving care to patients with medical emergencies every day. 

Zoll delivers technologies that can improve the chances of complete recovery of patients who need emergency care.

Zoll AED and Zoll Defibrillator Machines for Sale

Zoll AEDs and Zoll defibrillator machines merge traditional simplicity with advanced and innovative technologies. These machines are designed to meet the demands of clinicians while delivering treatment during medical emergencies.

Zoll also strives to design, develop, share, and integrate advanced technologies into the field of medicine in order to help clinicians provide better care to patients across the globe.

Our range of Zoll AED and Zoll Defibrillators for sale:

Zoll AED Plus

Zoll AED Plus is designed to support rescuers with its integrated and real-time feedback features on the compression depth and rate. Zoll AED defibrillators possess the Real CPR Help technology that can guide rescuers for performing CPR while providing integrated visual and audio feedback to support them throughout the procedure.

Key features of the Zoll AED Plus:

  • Real CPR that guides physicians in delivering CPR
  • Compression depth indicator 
  • Integrated, real-time feedback with visual and audio prompts 
  • Real-time visual guidance for CPR
  • Ready to use at 
  • Withstands harsh environmental conditions 
  • Automatic self-test capability
  • Five-year shelf-life of batteries and pads 
  • Low cost of ownership

Zoll X Series

Zoll X Series is designed to allow clinicians to keep pace with the progressive and the most advanced vision of the hospital and pre-hospital care.

The Zoll X Series monitors and defibrillators address the EMS needs and deliver the capabilities that clinicians expect from comprehensively featured monitors. These monitors are designed to be suitable for use in all patients, including adults and neonates.

Key features of the Zoll X Series:

  • Real CPR Help technology 
  • Open 12-lead capabilities that decrease the time-to-balloon by creating an interface with all leading STEMI and ECG management systems
  • Open communication, with integrated WiFi, and simplified charting and transmission 
  • Remote view functionality 
  • Allows clinicians to view real-time data from X Series screen with a WiFi or cellular connection

Zoll M Series

Zoll M Series defibrillators include a wide range of medical equipment that can meet the clinical needs of physicians providing critical care. The range of products in the Zoll M series includes AEDs, advisory defibrillators, and CCT (Critical Care Transport). 

The consistent built of each unit in these devices can help physicians receive training and put it to use everywhere. The higher precision of the standardization can make it easier for physicians to work faster and more efficiently while performing critical life-saving procedures.

Key features of the Zoll M Series

  • Easy handling 
  • Optimal viewing 
  • Built-in battery charger and AC power 
  • Consistent and straightforward controls
  • Intuitive menus that reduce training costs and minimize operator confusion
  • Features a 40-msec rectilinear pacing waveform that provides superior efficacy and patient safety
  • Patented external pacing that offers superior capture at a lower mean threshold    
  • Includes features for event documentation through internal memory
  • Removable PCMIA cards for easier data transfer and archiving    
  • Common connectors and pre-connection capability that reduces stress in emergency situations

Zoll R Series

Zoll R Series monitors and defibrillators are designed to provide ease of use and the latest technologies that ensure higher efficiency and consistency while delivering CPR. The features of Zoll defib are suitable for optimal pacing and defibrillation treatments for all patients, as well as the management of data for addressing critical quality improvements. 

Key features of the Zoll R Series

  • CPR Dashboard with detailed real-time display of the CPR quality metrics 
  • Real CPR Help technology
  • See-Thru CPR technology that minimizes pause time while performing CPR and filters out CPR artifact to improve CPR fraction 
  • High-current defibrillation that allows physicians to deliver optimal treatment to all patients
  • Includes the R Series ALS and R Series Plus configurations 
  • Additional tools for training with comprehensive readiness checks

Zoll AED Pro

The Zoll AED Pro monitors and defibrillators are designed for proving both basic as well as advanced life support. These machines can provide quick support to physicians while managing emergency conditions. 

Zoll AED Pro monitors and defibrillators include features that offer guidance to BLS rescuers. These machines are designed to provide advanced capabilities for professional rescuers. Hence, the Zoll AED Pro series is considered suitable for use by expert medical professionals as well as BLS rescuers. 

It includes the Real CPR Help technology that can provide real-time feedback about the depth and rate of chest compressions. This can enhance the CPR quality and improve treatment outcomes. 

Zoll AED Pro machines also include a metronome and compression depth indicator that can guide the rescuer with guideline-complaint CPR compressions. The lower Zoll defibrillator price and its 3-lead monitoring feature offer healthcare professionals a cost-effective option for viewing the ECG of patients who are stable and do not require defibrillation.

Key features of the Zoll AED Pro

  • Real CPR Help technology that provides real-time feedback about the  depth and rate of chest compressions 
  • High-resolution LCD 
  • Electrode compatibility with Zoll AED Plus and the entire range of professional defibrillators 
  • Battery compatibility with the Zoll’s R Series defibrillators
  • Rugged design with an ingress protection (IP) rating of IP55 for water and dust 
  • Considerable memory capacity

Zoll AED 3

The Zoll AED 3 defibrillators can lead the way for the physicians with the Real CPR Help technology they feature. These devices are designed to provide real-time feedback that can guide rescuers while delivering CPR. 

The intuitive and innovative design and the enhanced features of Zoll AED 3 can provide physicians the confidence as well as the knowledge that is needed for the treatment of cardiac arrest.

Key features of the Zoll AED 3

  • Real CPR Help technology 
  • Designed to help rescuers deliver efficient CPR
  • Full-color display with rescue images
  • CPR cycle timer
  • Integrated Pediatric Rescue
  • Cloud connectivity that enables automatic reporting of the device status

Can’t find the Zoll Defibrillator or Zoll AED machine you need?

Everyday more Defibrillator and AED machines arrive at our warehouse so if you're looking for something specific, we can help! 

Give us a call at 1 (888) 228-7564 or shoot us an email anytime:

We are committed to providing you with the best Defibrillator and AED machines to meet your specific needs and allow you to provide optimum patient care.  

Zoll AED FAQ’s

What models of Zoll AED’s and Zoll Defibrillators do we currently stock?

What is the difference between a fully automatic and a semi-automatic defibrillator?

The difference between a fully-automatic and a semi-automatic defibrillator is that the latter has a button for the clinician to push in case a shock is required, and the former does not as it can automatically shock the patient when shockable heart rhythms are detected.

The fully-automatic versions of Zoll AED’s and defibrillators are more preferred over the semi-automatic machines as they provide faster response and can be used even by lay rescuers. 

The fully-automatic and semi-automatic defibrillators also have some similarities in the way they function. For example; both these types of defibrillators require the rescuer to apply the electrode pads properly to the patient. When using these types of defibrillators to administer a shock, nobody else should be touching the patient at the time the shock is delivered. Neither the fully automatic nor the semi-automatic defibrillators can shock the patient unless the device has detected a shockable rhythm in the heartbeats of the patient. This means there is no risk of “accidentally” hurting or shocking a patient with a normally functioning heart, but happens to be unconscious.

Also, Zoll defibrillators are designed to provide rescue instructions via voice and visual commands. Both types of defibrillators provide a life-saving shock to patients experiencing a cardiac event.

The benefits of semi-automatic defibrillators include the following: 

With a semi-automatic defibrillator, when the unit advises the clinicians that a shock is needed, the rescuer would have 2 specific actions to take:

Make sure nobody is touching the patient.

And then, push the shock button.

Semi-automatic defibrillators also provide the rescuer with control when the shock is being administered. This could be desirable as it allows the rescuer to ensure no person is in contact with the patient’s body while delivering the shock. 

The benefits of a fully-automatic defibrillator include the following: 

Once the electrode pads of the defibrillator are applied to the patient, the fully automatic machine can administer the shock automatically whenever needed, without any action needed to be taken by the physician. It gives the clinicians enough time to stop CPR. These machines also advise the people to not touch the patient, by giving a countdown until the delivery of the shock.

While using fully automatic defibrillators, the rescuer is not responsible for pushing the shock button and only has to make sure no one is in direct contact with the patient. 

How long do the batteries last in Zoll AED?

Zoll AED batteries have a longer life expectancy of nearly five years when in a stand-by mode. This means you need not worry about replacing the batteries for 5 years allowing you to avoid the expenses involved in purchasing new batteries. 

How often do Defibrillators need to be replaced?

The pads of most AEDs need to be replaced once in every 2 to 5 years. However, regular inspections and maintenance on a daily basis can ensure your life-saving medical device remains in good working condition for longer.


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