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AED Trainers, Defibrillator Trainers and Accessories

At Integris Equipment we have a wide range of AED Trainers and accessories for sale at best prices online including leading AED and Defibrillator trainer models; Zoll AED trainer, Lifepak trainer and defibtech trainers.

You can also buy from our huge range of new and refurbished AED Machines including Zoll AED Plus and Lifepak AEDs including Lifepak CR Plus, Lifepak 1000 and Lifepak CR2 here

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AED Trainers, Defibrillator Trainers and Accessories for sale. Best prices online

We have a great selection of new AED trainers, Defibrillator trainers and accessories for sale at the best online prices.

AED trainers form an integral part of the training for most life-saving procedures. These medical devices are designed to help instructors teach how to save the life of patients suffering from medical emergencies by using defibrillators or AEDs. 

AED trainers are the “non-shocking” versions of the AEDs (automated external defibrillators) that allow the instructor to train medical students about the proper usage of AEDs in a range of emergency situations. The AED trainers come with low-adhesive training electrodes that are reusable. These devices have an optional remote that can be used for the purpose of training.

AED trainers can make it easier for medical students to learn the right method of using an automated external defibrillator (AED) in the event of medical emergencies thus increasing their skill and proficiency in the management of critical events.

Most AED trainers include features that provide easy-to-understand voice commands and preconfigured scenarios that make training the students easier. One of the exclusive features of AED trainers is the Pad Sensing System, which includes a switch that senses once the AED trainer pads have been attached to the torso of the mannequin. The pads may be re-used about 25 to 30 times.

Some AED trainers use advanced features like the capability to teach in different languages, inclusion of different scenarios and volume control. These machines are commonly used by instructors who train students how to use AEDs to save the life of patients suffering from a cardiac arrest or similar emergencies. These devices can also be used by doctors, trained medical professionals, and first aid organizations while teaching the use of AEDs

We offer a wide range of AED trainers from reputed brands such as Zoll, Lifepak, and Defibtech.  

Zoll AED Trainers

The Zoll AED trainers allow the first aid and CPR instructors to improve students' experience by allowing them to teach what it is like to save the life of a patient with the AEDs. 

Lifepak AED Trainers

We also sell Lifepak AED Trainers that resemble Physio-Control Lifepak CR2 in both function and form. These are non-shocking devices that can be safely used for AED training.

The Lifepak trainers come with a pair of adult and child training electrodes. These devices also use the same voice commands and CPR coaching verbiage as those in the live AEDs. The trainer simulates the semi-automatic as well as fully automatic options, while providing live feedback about the CPR depth, rate, and hand placement. 

Defibtech LifeLine AED Trainers

We also sell Defibtech LifeLine AED trainers that can be used for instructing students in various operating modes of Defibtech AEDs. Defibtech trainer devices are meant to help students get real experience in using AEDs so that they are ready to use these devices with the required knowledge and expertise when the need arises.  

Can’t find the AED or Defibrillator Trainer you need?

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