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Zoll M Series Defibrillator and Accessories

At Integris Equipment we have a wide range of Zoll M Series Defibrillator machines and accessories for sale. You can buy and sell Zoll M Series through Integris Equipment. Save 30-70% off traditional prices for these machines with our refurbished Zoll M Series options.

We also stock a huge range of alternative Zoll AED & Defibrillator Machines including Zoll AED Plus, Zoll X Series and Zoll R Series, you can view the full range of Zoll AEDs and Defibrillators here

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Zoll M Series Defibrillator and accessories

With more than 50 years of contribution to emergency medical devices, Zoll has been leading technological innovation linked to the design and development of external defibrillators. Zoll M Series defibrillators include a range of products that can meet your clinical needs from Basic Life Support (BLS) to Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS).

Zoll M Series Features

The Zoll M Series defibrillators combine advanced patient monitoring, ECG display, non-invasive pacing, and defibrillation with recording and printing all in one device. 

These defibrillators can be used in any resuscitation situation in hospitals. The devices can be configured to support operations in manual, semi-automated, or advisory modes.  

Key features and benefits of the Zoll M Series:

  • Built to deliver 360 joules of energy 
  • Suitable for use in manual as well as semi-automatic modes
  • CPR monitoring, which provides audio and visual feedback for maintaining compressions at the ERC and AHA recommended rate.
  • External pacing 
  • Continuously variable current 
  • Features for continuous monitoring of vital signs including SpO2, respiration, heart rate, end-tidal CO2, and non-invasive diastolic, systolic, and mean blood pressures
  • Dampened sinusoid waveform
  • Synchronizes the defibrillator pulse to the patient’s R-wave
  • Maximum time delay of 60 ms between the sync pulse and the delivery of energy
  • Longer lasting Zoll M series battery
  • Standard anterior and posterior adult as well as pediatric paddles 
  • Defibrillation advisory that evaluates patient ECG and electrode connection to assess whether defibrillation is needed

Can’t find the Zoll AED products you need?

Everyday more Zoll AED products arrive at our warehouse so if you're looking for something specific, we can help! 

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Integris Equipment is an Authorized Zoll Distributor.


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Arrived very quickly. It was just what I was looking for and with a more approachable value.

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Great timely service, will use again.

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Great replacement battery!, it even has an expiration on it so that I know when to change it in 5 years. Last ones I purchased from another seller was garbage.


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Great product and service

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Everything is as expected.