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Mindray Patient Monitors

Mindray Patient Monitors for sale - best prices online

We have a great selection of new and refurbished Mindray Patient Monitors and accessories for sale including Mindray VS-800, Mindray Passport 8, Passport 12, Mindray Accutorr 7, Mindray Imec 8 and many more.

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Mindray Patient Monitors

About Mindray      

Mindray, founded in 1991, is one of the leading providers of medical solutions and devices across the world. Mindray is firmly committed to its mission and employs advanced technologies that are transformed into innovations adapted to a wide range of clinical scenarios.

Mindray is dedicated to bringing advanced healthcare, global research and development, service network, and marketing to ensure that physicians across the world are able to provide the best treatment to their patients to enhance their chances of complete recovery in the shortest possible time frame.

While improving the quality of healthcare, Mindray also makes their medical solutions more accessible and easily available across the globe.

Our range of Mindray Patient Monitors for sale

We have a great selection of new and refurbished Mindray Monitors, Mindray Patient Monitors and accessories for sale including Mindray VS-800, Mindray Passport 8, Passport 12, Mindray Accutorr 7, Mindray Imec 8 and many more. 

Mindray VS-800

Mindray VS-800 is an easy-to-use and compact monitor designed to check the vital signs of patients. This device is suitable for adult, neonatal, and pediatric patients. This Mindray Monitor is well-adapted for any clinical scenario wherein quick, and reliable physiological measurements and monitoring of vital parameters are essential.

Since this device is affordable, physicians and hospitals can consider VS-800 for any ward or area of the clinic or hospital where the monitoring of vital signs is needed on a regular, or periodic basis.

Mindray VS-800 is equipped with lithium-ion battery technology, which provides more than 10 hours of continuous runtime enabling this powerful monitor to keep up with the busiest of environments.

The options for a built-in carrying handle, wall, IV pole, rolling stand, and bed mounting systems, and being accompanied by a lightweight yet a robust design make Mindray VS-800 an efficient and ready-to-serve vital signs monitoring system.

The parameters that a physician can monitor with the help of this device include PR, NIBP, SpO2, and TEMP. The VS-800 monitor has a large LCD screen, which displays a high-resolution waveform. The monitor is designed to store the IDs of up to 100 patients and 1200 records. It also has an ability to transfer data to a personal computer system or the central station for further assessment and review.

Key features of the Mindray VS-800:

  • Suitable for adults as well as neonatal and pediatric patients
  • Features a clinically proven SpO2 monitoring technology
  • Has adjustable visual and audible alarms
  • SmarTemp thermometer technology
  • Rechargeable and removable battery
  • Central station networking

Mindray Passport 8

Mindray Passport 8 delivers a high level of efficiency and ingenuity to a wide range of patient care. Mindray Passport 8 Monitor comes with an 8″ touchscreen display and easy touch function keys. It also includes a range of parameters to achieve the clinical needs of physicians such as a 3- or 5-lead ECG, NIBP, respiration, SpO2, and temperature.

Additionally, it features a plug-and-play modular structure that allows for advanced monitoring features to be added, like CO2, cardiac output, and invasive pressure.

The Passport 8 monitor extends beyond just a device itself by providing integrated DIAP and HL7 communication protocols. It has been designed to be compatible with wired as well as wireless networking capabilities to enable connectivity to the BeneVision Central Station, so that patient data can flow continuously and be shared whenever needed.

The accessories with this Mindray Monitor system include 1 adult cuff, 1 line cord, 3.5 m NIBP hose, 1 roll of paper, a 5-lead pediatric and adult snap lead wire set, ECG mobility cable, Nellcor or Masimo SpO2 cable with sensor, reusable temperature probe, IBP adapter cable, quick reference guide, and 1 operator’s manual. The Passport 8 delivers an efficient and flexible monitoring solution at an affordable price.

Key features of the Mindray Passport 8:

  • 3-or 5-lead ECG
  • 8″ high-resolution touchscreen display
  • Masimo SET SpO2
  • Includes parameters like NIBP, respiration, integrated recorder, and temperature
  • Additional module parameter options
  • Optional Nellcor OxiMax SpO2    
  • Connects to the DPM Central Station or the Panorama Patient Monitoring     Network
  • Up to 7 waveforms    
  • Available wireless 2.4 GHz
  • Integrated DIAP and HL7 protocol interfaces
  • Defibrillator synchronization
  • Compatible with the Mindray eGateway for communication from HL7 to EMR

Mindray Passport 12

The Mindray Passport 12 offers one of the most advanced patient monitoring systems, designed to meet the demands of clinicians in modern healthcare facilities. This monitor comes with a 3- or 5-lead ECG, 2 IBP, SpO2, NIBP, Masimo SET, and temperature and respiration recorder. It is available in a range of modular options of various parameters for advanced monitoring functions.

The ergonomic carrying handle and variable mounting options enable clinicians to use this monitor in a variety of healthcare settings.

Mindray Passport 12 Multigas Module includes 2-channel IBP. It measures cardiac output through an innovative thermodilution method. It is designed to identify and measure both the inspired as well as the expired values of O2, N2O, CO2, and 5 anesthetic agents.

Key features of the Mindray Passport 12:

  • Designed to display up to 8 waveforms
  • 12-inch high-resolution touchscreen color display
  • Features standard parameters including 3- or 5-lead ECG, SpO2, 2 IBP, Masimo SET, NIBP, TEMP, RESP, and an integrated recorder
  • Connects to BeneVision Central Station
  • Offers extensive data storage for trend alarms, data, events, and NIBP measurements for up to 48 hours
  • Integrates with the eGateway for communication to the EMR
  • Defibrillator synchronization
  • Convenient-to-use ergonomic carrying handle with multiple mounting options

Mindray Accutor 7

Mindray Accutorr 7 is designed to meet the needs of low acuity areas. It is an easy-to-use and convenient-to-handle vital signs monitor that is ready to go when you are. It can monitor the vital signs of patients on a spot check as well as on a continuous basis and assess the patients’ vitals like NIBP, temperature, and SpO2 measurements.

The Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer of this device measures the patient’s temperature quickly and provides significant cost savings by reducing the probe cover usage. With the inclusion of the low-flow sidestream carbon dioxide and advanced central monitoring connectivity, it can even identify signs of deterioration such as respiratory distress.

It also features an integrated early warning scoring system that can aid physicians in clinical decisions. Mindray Accutorr 7, with its flexibility, can provide a vital solution for delivering the best quality care to patients thus improving their chances of recovery.

Key features of the Mindray Accutor 7:

  • Large 8.4″ high-resolution back-lit TFT display that provides a clearer view
  • An intuitive touchscreen that offers ease of access to patient information    
  • Perfusion Index (PI) from SpO2 that guides the caregiver to the best measurement location    
  • Features SpO2 technology that includes Nellcor Oximax or Masimo SET         
  • Temperature options including Mindray SmarTemp and Exergen Temporal Scanner     
  • Standard Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS) that offers effective support for optimum clinical decisions    
  • Manual input of vital parameters such as pain level, respiration rate, glucose, fluids, and the degree of consciousness    
  • Manual, customizable, and automatic NIBP measurement modes that offer flexibility for various clinical applications

Mindray Imec 8

Mindray’s iMEC 8 Vet Patient Monitor has been designed based on Mindray’s solid foundation of knowledge and experience in patient monitoring systems. It integrates the proven technologies of Mindray and its rich know-how in ergonomic design with the most recent technologies to deliver impressive performance and reliability.

Moreover, Mindray iMEC 8 belongs to the patient monitor series that aims to reduce ecological footprint and contribute to a sustainable environment.

Key features of the Mindray Imec 8:

  • Easy-to-use patient monitor
  • Veterinary specific software
  • Ergonomic design     
  • 8.4" LCD display with LED background lighting
  • Large font display for easy viewing
  • Touch screen intuitive user interface
  • Accurate monitoring functions     
  • Flexible networking capabilities     
  • Optional thermal printer integration
  • Handle to assist with mobile use
  • Large data storage unit
  • Arrhythmia analysis


What are the parameters of the Mindray Patient Monitors?

The parameters of the Mindray Patient Monitors include ECG, Respiration, NIBP, SpO2, and Temperature.

These monitors also provide other features such as mid/low acuity, easy transport with wireless communication, multi-parameter telemetry solutions, periodic monitoring, spot check/continuous monitoring, and connectivity and integration with the Central Stations for the sharing of data.

How does a Mindray Patient Monitor machine work?

The ADC transmits the captured data related to the patient's vital signs to the microprocessor-based signal processor that is designed to extract features like blood pressure and heart rate. After processing, these physiological signals are displayed on a device and usually sent to the centralized ICU display system and an electronic patient record.

How many different patient monitors do Mindray make?

Mindray has designed and manufactured a wide range of advanced patient monitoring systems including Mindray VS800, Mindray Passport 8, Passport 12, Mindray Accutorr 7, Mindray iMEC 7, Mindray iMEC 8, and many more.

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